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Rapid Transit Hub

Three rapid transit lines will intersect at the HUB, connecting throughout Metro Vancouver:


SkyTrain: Expo Line – King George Station (Terminus)

King George Station presently serves approximately 25,000 riders per day on a typical weekday with ridership continuing to grow rapidly. The Expo Line was constructed for additional future capacity, including more frequent service and extra platform space to accommodate longer trains.


Rapid Transit: Connecting to Surrey City Centre from Langley City Centre

Either BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) or LRT (Light Rail Transit) will connect east along Fraser Highway to Langley city centre. The proposed station for this line will be located at the northern edge of the HUB, east of the existing Expo Line station.

Rapid Transit: Connecting to Newton and potentially South Surrey

Either BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) or LRT (Light Rail Transit) will connect south along King George Boulevard to Newton and potentially to South Surrey / White Rock. The proposed station for this line will be located at the western edge of the HUB, along King George Boulevard.

To learn more about Light Rapid Transit and the City of Surrey’s Rapid Transit Now campaign, click here to visit the website.

Rapid Transit Line The Hub

Transit Plazas

To further encourage a vibrant, transit-oriented environment, transit plazas will interface with the respective stations to provide a strong, defined pedestrian connection.

Transit Plaza

Transit Plaza Rendering

The most prominent of these plazas will be Coast Capital Community Plaza to the east of the Coast Capital building, which will host a variety of Coast Capital, City of Surrey and other local stakeholders’ community events and initiatives.


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The HUB currently has ample parking opportunities. Please visit the Impark website for information on monthly parking.


Upon redevelopment, on-site parking will be significantly increased in the form of underground parking. This will include ample parking for office and retail users and residents, as well as a significant number of Park-n-Ride stalls.

Parking Available During Construction

In addition to retaining public parking throughout construction at the property, upon completion there will be a large amount of secure public underground parking, including Park & Ride stalls.

Not only will the new public parking stalls significantly improve the quality of available parking, but Park & Ride users will also enjoy the variety of retail amenities at the property on their way to or from the King George SkyTrain Station and other future rapid transit lines stopping at the HUB.